New Articles Explaining The Benefits of Electrolysis + Updated Members Directory

Dear members,

In advance of our AGM this weekend, we are pleased to announce the publication of two new articles explaining the benefits of electrolysis. These articles can be found under the “What is Electrolysis” dropdown menu here on the FCEA Ontario website:

The first article is an introduction to electrolysis for people who are completely unfamiliar with how it works. This is a marketing article to help spread the word that electrolysis is the only permanent solution for hair removal.

The second article is more technical, explaining the science behind how electrolysis works.

Please feel free to direct your clients to these articles or link to them on your websites to help inform the public about electrolysis.

We are also happy to let you know that we have simplified the Members Directory, making it easier for people across Ontario to find an electrologist in their local area.

We look forward to using these resources to help grow a presence for electrolysis permanent hair removal in Ontario.


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