Brookes Brown CPE


Brookes Brown, CPE, began her journey in electrolysis in 2016 after transitioning from the education sector. As the Owner and Operator of Hilltop Electrolysis & Laser in Cobourg, Ontario, she specializes in effective hair removal solutions. In 2019, Brookes assumed the role of Vice Chairperson at the Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Associations (FCEA) Ontario chapter, concurrently achieving the Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE) qualification. Her dedication to excellence led her to become the Chairperson of the Ontario Association in October 2022. Brookes is committed to advancing electrolysis standards, fostering collaboration, and championing professional interests within the association.

Stephanie Hoogasian CPE

National Federal Representative & FCEA National President

Stephanie Hoogasian, C.P.E., embarked on her journey as an Electrologist approximately 20 years ago after transitioning from a demanding career in food and beverage management. Currently serving as the President of the FCEA National board since 2019, Stephanie finds great satisfaction in helping people through her work and various roles she has held on the executive board. She values her career choice, clientele, and looks forward to continuing her contributions to the FCEA and the field of electrolysis.

Helen Janssen CPE


Helen is a certified professional electrologist and esthetician who owns and operates Simply Smooth Electrolysis and Laser in Burlington. Serving as the Treasurer and Membership Secretary of the FCEA Ontario Chapter, Helen graduated from the Meharg International School of Electrolysis in 1996. Actively participating in the FCEA has significantly contributed to her business’s growth, fostering both professional development and personal relationships. Helen is passionate about the latest developments in permanent hair removal, skincare, and esthetics, and she values genuine relationships with her clients and family alike.

Denise Ferri CPE


Denise Ferri, CPE, has been a member of the FCEA Ontario chapter since 1996. Holding various executive positions, including Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Membership & Treasurer, Denise received her CPE designation in 2000. Membership in the association has provided her with long-term friendships, educational updates, referrals, and networking opportunities, enriching her professional journey in electrolysis.

Stephen Celestial


Stephen Celestial embarked on a transformative journey into the world of esthetics after dedicating 30 years to the field of IT. Inspired by the retirement of Toronto’s renowned male esthetician 12 years ago, he courageously pursued his passion despite facing initial rejection from schools due to his gender. With unwavering determination, Stephen eventually found a school willing to train him, earning his medical esthetics diploma through years of dedicated effort and mentorship. Today, he proudly carries forward his mentor’s legacy as one of Toronto’s few male estheticians, specializing in male and transgender clients. Guided by Lucy Caruso, a respected figure in the industry and fellow FCEA member, he obtained certification as an Electrologist in 2021. Since 2023, Stephen has served on the FCEA executive board, passionately committed to fostering integrity and governance within the industry, dedicated to guiding and empowering others as he strives to elevate the industry and his colleagues to new heights of success.

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