We welcome new and returning members to the Ontario Chapter of the FCEA:

Membership Benefits


  • An annual conference encouraging continuing education, networking and collaboration with trusted vendors/suppliers in the industry. It is usually held in Toronto and features speakers from within the electrolysis and/or beauty industry.


  • Yearly decal stating that you are a member in good standing to frame or display on a window/door in your place of work


  • Permission to use FCEA logo on letterhead, business cards, advertising, etc.


  • The FCEA places the name of its members on a Nationwide referral system. Anyone moving to a new area need only contact the FCEA or its affiliated Provincial association to receive a list of member electrologists in the area. They can also log onto the Ontario Chapter web site at to find a list of Ontario Chapter members listed by city. Links to other affiliated Provincial associations can be found on the FCEA national website at


  • The FCEA offers a National Certification Program to its members. This provides them with the opportunity to earn their Certified Professional Electrologist (C.P.E.) designation and they are given a C.P.E. Diploma to display in their office. (The C.P.E. designation is a federally registered and legally protected trademark.)


  • The FCEA keeps current with national and international events in the hair removal industry, developments affecting electrologists, and provides this information to its members.


  • The FCEA, in partnership with its provincial affiliates, is working toward achieving national recognition for its uniformed educational training program and professional standards throughout Canada.


  • Provides professionally designed electrolysis brochures for you to distribute in your business.


  • Guidance in your selection of Professional Liability Insurance at a favourable rate.


Basic Qualifications for Membership


  • The applicant must have completed the equivalent of Grade 12 Ontario education or be 19 years of age or over;


  • The applicant must be an Ontario resident;


  • The applicant must have successfully completed a course of study in the theory and practice of electrolysis at a licensed School of Electrology (Applicant must show qualifications of this by submitting a copy of their diploma with their application);


  • The applicant must be a practicing full-time or part-time electrologist;


  • The applicant must apply for membership by completing the FCEA Ontario Chapter Membership Application Form, submit the form with payment of the New Member Fee ($180.00). The new member fee includes the first year membership fees and membership certificate. Renewal Fee after the first year is $150.00, due in January each year.


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