FCEA Ontario AGM 2022 – Videos

Thank you to all of our members who came out to our 40 Year Anniversary AGM! Here are a few videos showing highlights from the weekend:

Sunday AGM Highlights


Full Speech by Madeline

Please see below for a full transcription of Madeline’s speech.

Saturday Night Highlights

Because Electrologists like to have a little fun too!

And a special little spoof that Madeline prepared

Thank you to all of our members from Ontario and to our Federal representatives who joined us from across Canada!


Full Transcription of Madeline’s Speech

Congratulations to us all on this very big event we are celebrating today. 


It’s hard to imagine 40 years have passed already.


1982 was a very historic and memorable year.  

This is happening today because of the dedicated and professional Electrologists of the Electrolysis  Association of Ontario (EAO). 

Such dedicated members as Beatrice and Frank Kovacs. Together they were the driving force for the inception and formation of the Canadian Federation.


I’m sure, during its inception, there were many unselfish days, nights and meetings in preparation for this insurmountable goal. What an amazing achievement!  Ladies, these were the movers and shakers in our industry. 

When you think of Bea and Frank it’s very hard to think of them as movers and shakers. But they were moving and shaking!  Right here, in Toronto and all across Canada! Can you believe it?! 


The goal to unite all Canadian Electrologists for the sole purpose of working together, all for the common goal – an idea before it’s time. 


This led to higher education standards, and establishing Professional Certification. Along with having the foresight to recruit such dedicated leaders as the professional directors, both past and present, over the last 40 years who contributed their personal expertise and thoughts leading to the success of the federation. 


FCEA directors –  we thank you! 


Let’s honor the directors both past and present. Give them a big hand!  Such talent!


Frank was the very first president, affectionately called  the father of the federation and Bea, the very first secretary of it’s formation in 1982. 


It all seems like yesterday to me when I received Frank’s phone call introducing himself to me. 


Due to this leadership, it only took a few years before all Canadian provincial associations were members of the FCEA as a provincial affiliate. Also very historic. 


In 1986, Frank organized the very first face to face FCEA board of directors meeting in Coquitlam, BC. This is where many of the long term goals were determined. We actually got a peek at the first CPE examination prepared by Frank.  It was professionally written.  I was there and to think that, in later years, I would become the certification director. How ironic!  

His expertise and guidance resulted in many, many accomplishments – too

many to discuss here today.  However, just to name a few:  

Writing the bylaws –  what an incredible job. My eyes go blurry just reading them. Malpractice and liability insurance –  the first in Canada, as I mentioned; wrote and established the federally registered Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE) title. Written in 1986, the very first exam in Canada.  Later, CCE –  Certified Canadian Electrologist with both written and practical components. Both protected titles.  


In 1987 he was the driving force behind the very first convention in Toronto featuring the “many faces of an Electrologist”.  


Professional technician, diagnostician, physiologist and, last but not least, an entrepreneur. 


There were high profile lecturers and speakers on related topics, even a radio and tv personality while enjoying a very delicious lunch. 


All topped off by the guest appearance of Polly Darton, FCEA director, singing 9 to 5 and several other numbers while the Electrologists clapped and cheered for more.  


Dolly, impersonated by Doris Young, passed before her time and will always be remembered for her many contributions. 


I must say that when she entered that room every man, including all those who were hanging out in the lobby, wanted to be Gordon, her husband,  who escorted Dolly on his arm that day.  A true professional. Dolly would have been proud. 


There was a congratulatory letter from the Prime Minister of Canada at the closing dinner to put the icing on the cake – and we did have cake. 


Some highlights; 

250 Electrologists attended the conference which lasted Wednesday to Sunday.  

Almost all Canadian and US manufacturers and suppliers, including Hair Route, were there. 

Six, yes six, epilators were door prizes and every Electrologist got a gift. Now that’s a record. 


I was so excited and privileged to be there. I cherish every memory. 


In 1992, Frank and our dear Eleanor Campbell, on behalf of all the board of directors, founded the FCEA’s Ontario chapter. 


Eleanor Campbell, CPE was its first chairperson. Thank you Eleanor, Frank and Bea for bringing us all to this day. 


I’m personally looking forward to many more years of achievements and service to all Canadian Electrologists.  


Frank and Bea, unfortunately,  could not be here with us today so let’s send celebratory congratulations for this idea of a professional organization uniting us all. 


Frank and Bea, well done!


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