Covid-19 Update for FCEA Ontario Members

Dear Members,

I hope you and your families are staying safe and coping during this difficult time.

I have reached out to the health board in regards to our rollout plan this is the information that they have so far.

We are still waiting on further direction from the Ministry.  This would include more details as to the phased opening approach and what special infection control considerations may be required to be implemented.

We have just started to look at putting together a draft plan for re-opening, however, we are not at a point where any of this will be shared as there has been no direct input from the province, but a review on our end of what other provinces are doing in anticipation of Ontario releasing a more concrete plan.

Essentially – we will let everyone know, when we know.

Based on other provinces direction, here are some things to start considering (however, please note that there are no requirements being shared at this time):

  • Physical distancing for staff and clients in waiting, treatment and staff rooms
  • PPE
  • Increased cleaning and disinfecting (daily, between clients, high touch surfaces)
  • Client records; screening staff and clients
  • Removing unnecessary items/clutter from reception area and work stations
  • Review services – are they all necessary (ie hand or neck massage during haircuts)
  • Contactless payment
  • Remove items for sale (use a picture or one empty test bottle – do not allow customers to handle) No tester products like makeup Practices already required like hand sanitizer at reception and all work stations —-Customers to use abhr upon entry and exit

Once the province releases more details on the phased opening approach and best practices, this information will be shared on the region’s website.

Again they do not have a rollout plan in place yet please continue to watch the information that the government puts out on a daily basis for us.

Take care and stay safe

Thank you,

Stephanie Hoogasian
FCEA Ontario Chapter Chairperson
FCEA National Board Present

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