Featured Electrologist: Diane Marie Paju

Our featured Electorlogist this month is Diane Marie Paju from Interlude Aesthetics & Wellness!

1. What makes a good Electrologist?

A good electrologist is conscientious about client needs in determining and recommending what is best suited to provide optimum results for each individual. A customized regimen that provides an open dialogue between the electrologist and the client is foremost. I feel that gaining the client’s trust is imperative so the client is comfortable throughout the process. A client consultation that thoroughly covers how electrolysis works, the types of electrolysis available, and which hair type is beneficial to the client. It simply gives a good insight into the process. The electrologist should explain how the hair growth cycle works to express the protocol for visits to the clinic. The sanitization and sterilization of equipment also bring peace of mind that the client’s safety is foremost. Beyond this, the skill applied in providing the service to the client is essential to being comfortable and determining if the treatment settings offer this through a suitable communication base.

2. What do you like about being part of the Association?

The FCEA brings together a community of people with shared skills and information sharing among members. The Association allows a communication network to maintain current information within the industry and share information to gain new perspectives and ideas. If a situation should arise that may require consultation, the Association provides an excellent base of members to reach out to as a resource. Also, advertising materials are available for clients before a consultation or when after a consultation.

3. What made you want to be an Electrologist?

As a Certified Esthetician, Reflexologist, and provider of wellness services, electrolysis brings another much-needed service to my business. There is a demand for electrolysis hair removal, especially in the facial areas, from the excessive lip and chin growth to fine-tuning brows. It is a means to help people feel good about themselves and be less self conscious in public as well as It allows me to work with my client to achieve this goal, in addition to other areas of success, such as underarms and bikini lines.

My mother, Rita Chaput, was a pioneer in providing this service for ten years in North Bay, Ontario. She received her diploma from the Hiscott Institute of Electrolysis in 1952. She often expressed how helpful electrolysis was even then to her clients; however, it was done almost in secret and not discussed openly as it is today. I feel I have taken to the profession with ease. The profession has evolved with equipment, knowledge, and skill set. I am happy and proud to be a part of this.

Diane Marie Paju
Interlude Aesthetics & Wellness
103-60 Champlain Street
North Bay, Ontario P1B 7M4

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